Wednesday, July 31, 2013

After the Ending Left me Wanting

Post-Apocalyptic lit is my favorite genre, and I was very grateful to receive this ARC from NetGalley. The story began with promise, but the plausibility of the plot and the immaturity of the characters caused me to lose interest by the first third of the book. I prefer my female protagonists to be more independent, fierce and complex than Zoe and Dani, and I was distracted by both the romantic overtones of the plot and the back and forth narration of the main characters, using email to communicate. Widely available internet in the collapse of civilization made no sense at all.  

I finished reading the entire book, because I was curious where the story was heading, but the startling cliffhanger left me very unsatisfied.

I imagine that readers of romance novels and young adult literature may find this an enjoyable read, but hard-core post-apocalyptic enthusiasts will find this story lacking.