Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Adventurer's Guide to Living a Happy Life

The Adventurer's Guide to Living a…

At first glance, this book seems too slight or superficial to be of much benefit, but the simple advice in these pages contains wisdom that can be useful for anyone, adventurer or otherwise.

The advice comes in many forms, including positive mental attitude and fitness, and ranges from the simple (nap when you are tired) to the profound (make yourself your passion; uncover what you love and do it) to the humorous ( go the distance, even when you are cold and tired and reach your destination safely, but don't stay in a cabin ransacked by a bear!) and is filled with common sense that can be helpful in all stages of life.

I began reading this little book skeptically, but by the end was won over by the author's honesty and life advice distilled through many hours of contemplation and life experience. I took notes that I periodically revisit, just to check in and make sure my adventure stays a happy one. I recommend this book to all ages, and will be encouraging my teenagers to read it as well.